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It makes a lot of sense to divide signs into exterior and interior categories. There aren’t many  signs that would be exactly the same regardless of whether they’re going to be used outdoors or inside. Exterior signs should be manufactured with durability and visibility as the foremost concerns as they have to withstand our sometimes harsh weather intense sunlight, as well as usually having to be visible at far distances.

Interior signage, however, is different. There are cases, such as in large auditoriums or halls, when being visible at a distance is important, but most interior signage is meant to be seen from fairly short distances. This makes interior signage detail much more important. The materials, fonts and patterns used with interior signage design tend to really get noticed as people see and read it up close. Interior signage also gives you a great opportunity for continuity: your interior signage should generally have a similar fonts,color schemes and materials.

Some common examples of interior signage include:

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