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Hanging signs have two major advantages over other signs. The first is placement as some signs allow you to hang the panel from its own structure where it can be seen by everybody. Think of a post and panel sign situated outdoors. Indoors, hanging signs are typically hung from ceilings and ceiling fixtures, which puts hanging signs above the fray where it can be seen by everybody. Visibility is a major factor to consider when installing any sign.

The second advantage is movement which attracts the human eye. A hanging sign swaying gently in the breeze is likely to capture people’s attention, which is exactly what you want. Even the small movement caused by the indoor air flow can be enough to attract attention.

Some common uses for hanging signs include:

  • To indicate which products are in a given aisle, i.e. in a grocery store or pharmacy
  • As a real estate sign
  • To indicate where to order food and where to pick it up at quick service restaurants
  • Large hanging signs to welcome people to an area, building or room by name or content.
  • And more!

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