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Church Monument Sign
The term “monument sign” sounds grand. Like it’s the large plaque under a statue of a city’s founder. Well, monument signs are not that, but they can be grand in their own way as they’re typically large and can be made of very impressive materials. Monument signs are monuments in that they are large, stand-alone structures, placed outside buildings. They’re typically located on lawns, in parking lots, or in the narrow barriers that separate parking lots and roads.

The purpose of a monument sign is to indicate which business or businesses are located inside the building. The reason a business or establishment may choose to use a monument sign instead of or with additional building signage, is because not all businesses are located right beside the road. Many buildings are recessed from the street or highway near where they are located. It can be very difficult for pedestrians, and especially motorists to see what business is located inside. Monument signs are large and are right next to the road, so people passing by can see what business is there, even from a distance. A monument sign that lists the names of several businesses located in a common property is called a “tenant sign”.

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