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Architectural SignageArchitectural signage typically serves the purpose of identifying buildings, and it is a term that can be applied to any sign on or near the building. In the signage industry, “architectural signage” usually refers to a series of signs –or a sign system– on a number of related buildings.

One of the most common locations for architectural signage is a campus. For example, Fort Lewis College in Durango uses architectural signage to identify the different buildings on its campus and to direct people where they need to go. But architectural signage is certainly not reserved just for school campuses.

Any business, that consists of multiple buildings can use architectural signage to help guide visitors, customers, and staff among your buildings, as well as to identify them in a way that is consistent with your brand. Architectural signage is also great for government buildings and venues of all kinds where people need to find their way.

Regardless of the colors, fonts, borders, shading, patterning and materials that best convey your brand or organizational identity, remember that uniformity throughout your architectural signage is key. Architectural signage is most effective when all the signs have the same design elements and are made of the same or similar materials.

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