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Safety is important for any business, and it’s pretty hard turn a profit if you always have staff out with injuries or are facing litigation because a customer was injured in your business. Proper use of safety signs is a great start for helping people remain safe in and around your business.

Safety signs are a primary tool for achieving zero safety incidents. Safety signs can prevent unfortunate incidents by reminding guests and staff of what to do or not do in order to remain safe. But what are the safety signs do you need? Some common safety signs include:

  • Traditional red-lit exit signs
  • “No Unauthorized Personnel” signs
  • “Danger – Keep Out” signs
  • “Floor Slippery When Wet” signboards
  • “Employees Must Wash Hands” signs
  • “Danger – High Voltage” signs
  • “Look both ways” signs, etc.
  • Parking lots, speed limits and bumps should all have signs

While safety is important for all businesses, it’s an even more critical issue for construction companies and tradespeople. Workers in these environments must remain ever cognizant of their surroundings, and safety signs help draw attention to the many hazards around them, so make sure you have all the proper construction safety signs in place.

If you’d like to learn more about safety signs, please contact Southwest Signs & Graphics where we’re happy to design, manufacture, and install safety signs for Durango and the Four Corners region.

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