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The marketing department can often be the murkiest corner of a business’s budget. How do you want to market your business? How much money should you dedicate to marketing? Do you want to spend the money for television and/or radio ads? Do you want to consider renting billboard space? How well will the world of internet advertising work for your business? Perhaps you should just rely on word-of-mouth. Whether you have a large marketing budget or you’ve never really thought about marketing before, your business should have at least a few promotional signs.

Promotional signage is simply meant to promote a business, organization, or event. These signs can be pretty much anything; if they’re promoting something, they’re considered promotional signs. While there are tons of different signs that promote businesses, services, and products, we tend to use the term “promotional signs” when discussing the kind of signage businesses use at special events, trade shows, conventions, and for special sales. While a monument sign technically promotes a business, we generally don’t consider it to be a promotional sign.

Some common more types of promotional signs include:

If you’d like to learn more about promotional signs, please contact Southwest Signs & Graphics where we’re happy to design, manufacture, and install promotional signs for Durango and the Four Corners region.

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