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Dimensional LettersMost signs operate in a two-dimensional plane. This is so true that we often don’t even imagine signs in the third dimension. But utilizing all three dimensions can give you an advantage. Dimensional letters are not particularly complex, they just raise the lettering to make them thicker. Nevertheless, this can have a profound effect. The extra depth of field makes dimensional letter signs look more impressive and get noticed more than two-dimensional signs.

Dimensional letters are great for spelling out words that attract attention and are a very popular choice when businesses are commissioning signs that display their names. If you really want your Four Corners office, retail store, or restaurant to stand out, consider using dimensional letters. Dimensional letters can also spell out your company’s slogan or motto behind the reception desk or on the front facade of your building.

The materials you choose for your dimensional letters sign are important, and you have a number of different options. Some popular materials include: brass, bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, foam, and more. It should be noted that internally illuminated dimensional letter signs are usually referred to as “channel letter” signs.

If you would like to learn more about dimensional letters, please contact Southwest Signs & Graphics. We’re happy to design, manufacture and install commercial dimensional letters throughout the Durango area.

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