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Sign Application & PermitSuppose, that you run a Four Corners restaurant and want a nice, big sign in front so motorists can see your establishment from a distance. You go to a sign studio with the design you have in mind, and they make a great big sign with your restaurant logo that you’re thrilled with. What you don’t want to learn when you’re ready to install your sign, is that you don’t have proper clearance for that sign because you never applied for the required permit.

Avoiding this type nightmare is exactly the reason why Southwest Signs & Graphics takes such care with the sign application and permitting process. Many exterior signs need the proper permits to be installed. Knowing all the applicable codes, bylaws and regulations that might restrict your idea for an outdoor sign is critical. Fortunately, it’s not your job to know, but is it is ours, so we walk our customers through, what is sometimes a complicated process. After all, who needs the cost and frustration of spending all that time and money on the perfect sign only to discover that you can’t install it?

If you’d like to learn more about sign applications and permits, please contact Southwest Signs & Graphics where we’re happy to design, manufacture, install, repair, and maintain signs in the Durango area and Four Corners region.

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