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Parking Signs

To most people, parking lots don’t seem particularly complex. You paint some lines on pavement and people park their cars there. What’s to explain? Possibly, quite a lot. Who is the parking for? Customers? Staff? People who live with disabilities? Pregnant women? And for how long can somebody park there? Also, how are people meant to navigate this parking lot? Are some of the lanes one way? Do they have to make certain turns? If indoor parking, will people be able to find the stairs, elevators, entrances, and exits?

The more you think about parking lots the more you realize how much information that needs to be available, that’s why parking lot signs are so important. Whether they’re aluminum signs attached to a fence, wall, hanging signs or floor graphics, parking lot signs are expected, necessary and convenient for your staff and customers.

Parking lot signs typically divulge such information as:

  • Parking hours
  • Parking for staff or customers only
  • No parking
  • Accessible parking
  • Must turn left/right
  • Entrance/Exit
  • Emergency exit
  • Stairs/Elevator
  • Passenger pick-up and drop off
  • No idling

If you’d like to learn more about parking lot signs, please contact Southwest Signs & Graphics where we’re happy to design, manufacture, and install parking lot signs for Durango and the Four Corners region.

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