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LED SignsLEDs have taken the world of signage by storm and quickly become the most popular type of illuminated sign, rather quickly replacing neon. While neon signs look great at first, they tend to lose their luster after a few years when the neon gas inevitably escapes the light tube. While this dulls a neon sign over time, it’s not an issue with LED signs.

Furthermore, LED signs simply shine brighter than any other type of illuminated sign. If you’re going to invest the money in an illuminated sign, you really want the sign to stand out. LED signs look great at night but they’re also bright enough to shine in our bright daylight. They are also highly durable, and LED bulbs last longer than both neon, fluorescent tubes, and especially incandescent bulbs: up to 25 times longer!

LED signs are also simply much more efficient than other illuminated signs because LED bulbs are far better at converting electricity to light rather than heat, which also makes LED less of a fire hazard. Finally, LED bulbs are fairly lightweight, and this generally makes them less expensive to install than other illuminated signs.

If you’d like to learn more about LED signs, please contact Southwest Signs & Graphics. Here we’re happy to design, manufacture and install commercial LED signs throughout Durango and the Four Corners region.

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