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Building signage is a wonderfully vague term but it means exactly what you think it does: signs on buildings, but it can also be much more specific. Typically the term “building signage” is applied to signs whose purpose is to identify a building, a business, businesses within a building, various wings or halls in the building, and so on. Building signage can also be used to provide directions, instructions, and for marketing and branding purposes. Building signage can also declare who owns a buildings.

Another function that building signage can serve is wayfinding. Building signage can help people navigate a building, campus, or office block. Building signage is generally utilitarian; you don’t have to get fancy or complex with your building signage. Nevertheless, you can use high quality building signage to give your building a professional appearance and to add gravitas to your business or organization.

An important facet of building signage is uniformity. If all your building signage is made from different materials or uses different fonts and color schemes, it’s going to look piecemeal and shoddy, and this will reflect poorly on your business or organization. Building signage looks and works best when all the signs look similar and there is continuity. This will help your building signage reinforce your brand’s qualities.

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