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Electronic SignsSigns must be noticed to be effective. Even the most professionally designed and beautifully worded sign won’t be of much use if people don’t notice it. Placement is a huge factor in getting your sign noticed, but sometimes it pays to go that extra mile. Electronic signs almost always stand out and generate more impressions than an analog sign. An electronic sign uses illumination to make it stand out among all other visual stimuli.

Electronic signs can be used both indoors or outside. Indoors, they help draw attention from all  the other signs and objects in often crowded interior spaces. Outdoors, electronic signs are great for standing out in adverse weather conditions where, a standard sign can’t be seen very well. However, an electronic sign can shine through and be seen by people and motorists at substantial distances. Electronic signs can also generate the appearance of movement which is great because the human eye is naturally drawn to movement. LEDs are now the most popular type of electronic sign because LEDs are very energy efficient, don’t waste a lot of heat and last for a long time. They are a major improvement over neon signs which slowly lose gas and become less efficient.

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